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"This is Brigadier General Roy Mustang. Please leave a message after the beep."
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[this post starts, oddly enough, with the sound of gun fire. But there's no distress going on around it.

Well, unless you count the pathetic screams of mistletoe getting shot.]

I can't believe it's that time of the year again already...

Don't see why you're complainin'. They make good target practice.

Yeah, if they'd sit... the hell... still... [blam! another scream, another mistletoe down.] I've been awake a whole hour and they already managed to piss me off...

I can tell.

He's scarier than the busty blonde!


We gotta do somethin'! He's gonna kill us all off 'fore Christmas!

Yeah?! What are you gonna do?!

[blam blam blam! click...]

... oh hell.

... you forgot an extra clip, didn't you?


He's out of ammo!



[the thudding sound you hear? That's an army of mistletoe charging Roy enmasse. The comm shuts off.

Some time later, Roy can be found in beneath the giant Christmas tree, tied up, wrapped up with a bow on him. The tag reads: "For the busty gun chick."

Agumon Havoc is strangely no where to be found.]

(ooc: Yup. Roy is off data freeze finally. Merry Christmas, Riza! =D )
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[The video feed comes on, focused specifically on a certain pair of Amestrian soldiers, though both are obviously in casual clothes. They're on a couch near the big lobby tree, but neither of them are talking for some reason.

And since no holiday is complete without being bothered by walking, talking, sentient mistletoe!

One of them wanders up and tugs on Roy's pant leg, getting his attention.]


... what do you want?

That Haku chick gave me 20 BITS to bother some one other than her.

... Haku did that?

Hey, the chick is getting married. My work there was done before it started. So... lets make this easy on all of us, mister. Alright?

Dare I ask how you even plan on doing that?

Hey, I'M not doing anything. YOU [points at Roy] are going to kiss HER [points at Riza] and then I'll be on my merry little Christmas totin' way.

... excuse me?

You heard me. Make with the kissing.

[Roy looks at Riza, a little flustered now that he's been put on the spot.]

Well? I'm waiting...

[[ooc: The entire scene and everything following is being recorded and broadcast by Hayate, who stole Roy's D-comm out of his pocket when he wasn't looking.]]
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[grunting, struggling, muffled voice of one very annoyed Agumon]

This figures. This totally figures. Why the hell would I unfreeze before HE does!

[more grunting until Havoc finally goes quiet. There's about fifteen minutes of silence and then... a yawn.]

Chief! Chief get offa me!

... huh?


... do I even want to know how you got under me, Havoc?


Wait, what happened? How long have we been like this?

Did nothing I just screamed get through to you? MOVE.

Fine, but you're explaining what the hell is going on after I get up.

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[Comm clicks on to the sound of hung over groaning from Roy. He's also muttering to himself.]

That was completely pointless... all we did was get drunk, and all Maes did was chase everyone away by shoving pictures of Elicia in their faces... it's not like I actually managed to hook up with some one...

[Roy shifts and apparently rolls over on his bed.]

Mornin, sweet cheeks!

[Roy screams, there's a crash, and 'Havoc' (his partner, not Jean) cracks up laughing.]

Oh man the look on your face, chief! Priceless! Just priceless!


[Roy picks up the nearest object - which is of course his D-Comm - and chucks it at Havoc. The comm cuts off to fading laughing as his partner is already running away.]
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(After this log)

Major, if you're at work still, you might want to see about returning early. I don't want to alarm you but Greg seems upset about something and he's not willing to talk about it with me.
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So... I just talk in to this?

Yeah, talk away.

... alright. *achem* This is Brigadier General Roy Mustang, requesting information and assistance. My... partner and I are currently in the city of Tetha and looking for anyone who may be from the Amestris State Military. We're also kind of covered in muck...

This guy got dropped in the Putrid Ruins of all places. Talk about unlucky! *laughs*

You'd do well to shut up, Havoc. You can laugh when I'm clean again.

Yeah, yeah yeah. By the way, don't look down, chief.

What? Why no-... are we floating?

No, you're hallucinating. [/sarcasm] Of course we're floating! It's Tetha!

[Groan. One can just hear the epic facepalm here before the comm shuts off]


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